Alexander Fuchs, 2018 AHFA "Educator of the Year" finalist

Please join us in congratulating out very own Alexander Fuchs! For the second time in a row, Alexander has been named an Australian Hair and Fashion Award Finalist for the Educator of the Year category.

For the hairdressing industry, the AHFA awards are where we come together each year to recognize and to celebrate one another’s successes and creativity.

Alexander’s work as Education Director at La Biosthétique Australia sees him traveling all over Australia, New Zealand and Asia. He leads seminars on new trends, technical skills and product knowledge for salon owners and stylist. The AHFA nomination is recognition of all the work and passion Alexander puts into his education programs throughout the year.

The AHFA awards night takes place on April 15 –  keep your fingers crossed for an AHFA Educator of the Year win!

Alexander Fuchs, AHFA Educator of the year finalist
ahfa educator of the year finalist alexander fuchs
Michel Fuchs