Providing medical care, just by picking up the colour brush!

As a La Biosthetique salon we are providing medical relief and care to the world, just by picking up the colour brush.

Colour with Care is a La Biosthetique initiative where every tube of colour sold will raise funds for the global non-for-profit organization Medecins Sans Frontieres, Doctors without Borders. This means that every time you do a colour in our salon you will be helping to provide critical support in the areas that need it the most, whether it is…

  • Stopping the spread of infectious diseases
  • Giving malnourished children access to essential meals
  • Providing medical aid to those in disaster struck areas


Simply by using La Biosthetique colour each and every one of your clients will be making a difference, without making a change to their regular colour service.

  • Every colour application will provide the equivalent of 4 malaria diagnostic kits.
  • Every year over 1,200 meals will be funded simply by using La Biosthetique colour.

Choose to be a part of an industry that cares, choose to Colour with Care.

colour with care - medecins sans frontieres
colour with care - la biosthétique australia
Michel Fuchs